The Sims 5 will be online game?

The next generation of Sims will single-player and multiplayer

It has been confirmed that Maxis plans to issue an online version of The Sims game, just like it was since 2002.-2008. Two different teams are working on this game. What does it mean to us?

It means that we will have a completely new game, but the most important question remains – When will The Sims 5 be released?


The first release of the Sims game was on February 4, 2000. They had huge success and still have after 22 years. This information could encourage us that The Sims 5 will be definitely released, but the exact date is not present yet.

Personally, I’m expecting something really fantastic and I’m sure it’s gonna happen. There are too many expectations and requests from the Sims community. The focus in the Online version will probably be social interaction and competition. This was actually present in the Sims online many years ago. The Sims 4 will remain very popular since it has so many add-ons and expansions, but we really looking forward to something new. Every next release of The Sims game brought to us something great and new, so we are sure that The Sims 5 will be fascinating.

The pressure on Maxis is huge to issue a new edition, The Sims 5. More than 20 million people bought one of The Sims game and hey are waiting for the new release.

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